Is Your Medical Practice Website Mobile-Friendly?

Are you reading this blog on your mobile device?

These days, the mobile-friendliness of your website is crucial to keeping patients and improving your marketing efforts to attract new patients.

Over 77% of Americans are using smartphones on a regular basis. In the past year, the average conversion rate from smartphones increased by 64% compared to average conversion rate from desktops.

The long story short is that if you want to improve your marketing campaign (which is the route to increasing your patient base), your medical practice website should be mobile-friendly. What can you do to make this happen?

Check For Mobile Friendliness

How can you check if your website is mobile-friendly? Don’t reach for your smartphone. One of the most important components of your site’s mobile-friendliness is the way Google views it. So take some time to check this out. This service will show you if Google is satisfied with the mobile friendliness of your website. If yes, your site can get higher search engine rankings.

However, knowing Google’s response is only the first step in optimizing your website.

Keep It Simple

When you hire a website developer without giving him or her clear and concise instructions, you could end up with very colorful and video-filled website that doesn’t translate well on mobile devices. Generally, if you do post video blogs on your website, ensure that none are on the landing page.

The simpler the design of your website, the easier it will be to navigate it on a mobile device.

Write Less, Get More

Even though content is the key of marketing, creating posts with dense content can “clutter” your mobile website. Focus on how to express your points in a more concise manner. Remember, a mobile device’s screen is smaller than that of a regular computer monitor.

Furthermore, a person using a mobile device usually takes less time to read text. If you can’t make it short, at least optimize your content for easy scanning.

Before posting a long blog on your website, ask yourself if it’s the most concise way to convey the information.

Make Icons Your New Best Friends

A picture is worth a thousand words, and so is an icon. Instead of cluttering your mobile website version with links to “next”, “exit”, “back”, and “call”, ., take advantage of the commonly used symbols. This will free space for more information.

Try to use conventional symbols only. Otherwise, a user may not understand how to navigate the website.

Say Goodbye To Heavy Images

Mobile internet speed leaves much to be desired. Accordingly, heavy files that take a few seconds to load on your desktop, may take up to a minute to load on a mobile device’s screen. Videos that take time to load will frustrate users and direct them away from your site.

Make sure all your images and videos are optimized for a mobile website. Ideally, the number of images should be reduced to a minimum.

Smart tip: While you can get rid of images, videos are a must-have for any mobile website. Use the most lightweight video player to improve the page loading time.

Make It Easy To Call

If your marketing strategy is working, potential patients, after visiting your website, will want to contact you. Hopefully, they won’t need to copy-and-paste your phone number. To avoid this, have contact buttons designed so a visitor can “dial” your number with just one click. The rest of the contact information, including location on an interactive map, should be readily available.

If you want to attract clients, you must make yourself visible and accessible.

Take Advantage of Geolocation

Play around with geolocation capabilities. They can help your potential patients find your office, check out promotions, and read local reviews about your practice by connecting to Healthgrades, RateMDs, or Yelp.

Taking advantage of mobile-friendly website capabilities will allow you to increase patient conversion rates and increase profits. Today, over 220 million people use smartphones in the USA. By 2020, this number is expected to reach 270 million. Imagine how many potential patients you are missing out on if they can’t connect to a proper mobile version of your medical practice website. 

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