You've got to be ReTargeting

Digital Marketers 'In the Know' are expanding their ReTargeting budgets

Are you familiar with retargeting? You should be. If not, you are a member of a shrinking quantity of online marketers who don't, based on a study by Marin Software in August of this year. Approximately 88% of US marketers polled used retargeting, and those whom hadn't yet implemented the technology, over 50% were going to start within the next 12 months.

So what is retargeting anyway?

Simply put, it is a way to address the problem where your sites visitors don't perform the action you desire. That may be not buying an item or submitting their information to be contacted for the service you sell, and then leave your site never to be seen again. Approximately 98% of your website visitors never actually engage you meaning the lost business after the expense of attracting them. Retargeting attempts to reclaim those visitors.

What kinds are there?

There are three major 'flavors' of retargeting, 1) 'site' retargeting, 2) 'search' retargeting, and 3) 'email' or 'CRM' retargeting. According the Marin study, display was the most popular channel for its application, used by 81% of marketers and uses site retargeting. This method drops a 'cookie' into the browser of your site visitor which contains information about the device used to access the site and a unique number that observational data to which the visit data is connected. This cookie is then synchronized with various platforms like Google's DoubleClick network and the ads you see on sites around the web today are shown.

The second, Search retargeting, came in second, at 77%. Search retargeting targets your website visitors based on keyword searches they conducted on search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing. It's highly complementary to site retargeting in that practitioners can marry what your site visitor had searched for and found on your site and attract them once again when they see them searching similar or exact keywords again. Think of it as similar to a one-two punch by aligning your search engine marketing (SEM) and display advertising.

While social trailed behind in third place, this approach will most likely dominate moving forward due to "premium, high-engagement, cross-device inventory that's become increasingly available on Facebook and Twitter" according to Marin. Those two sites alone enjoy more than 1 Billion people to serve efficiently targeted campaigns thus making social channels more efficient and ultimately higher in ROAS, or Return on Advertising Spend.

What you should do next?

Tivilon works with several of the retargeting category leaders that will make your operations more efficient in your online marketing expenditures. Contact us to set up a further exploratory call and take advantage of our FREE website evaluation. We'll discuss your current SEO needs as well as how to tailor your site to take advantage of the retargeting technologies we discussed.

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