Call Tracking

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What Is Call Tracking?

Call tracking is a method of tracking calls generated by advertising campaigns, including your website. The process involves placing a unique phone number on your website and within each of your digital advertising campaigns which will ring through to your office without your patient or your office staff taking notice. Our systems count the number of calls coming through each phone number and provide analytics on your ad campaigns' performance, helping you to know what generates patient engagement and provides a more accurate advertising ROI assessment.

HIPAA-Compliant Call Tracking

Integrated with our CURIS™ Web Platform is our HIPAA-compliant call tracking system. Call data can be considered PII (personally identifiable information), so Web Partners' call tracking system ensures security and encryption for all call tracking data and analytics. Very few call tracking companies can ensure HIPAA compliance! And as part of our award-winning CURIS™ Web Platform, your call tracking data easily works with all your Web Partners-powered services.

Call Tracking Features

  • Local or toll free phone numbers
  • Ability to securely record phone calls and playback
  • Instant reporting and analytics data available for all calls
  • Forwards straight to your main office phone line
  • No equipment needed - works with any phone
  • Transparent to both your office and your patients

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