Email Newsletters

Keep patients informed.
Keep patients.

Informed Patients Are Patients For Life

A patient newsletter can be a powerful way to keep in touch and promote additional services. Our email marketing strategy begins with our powerful email marketing application, integrated directly within the CURIS™ Web Platform. A HIPAA compliant mail delivery engine allows you to send emails to your patients and integrates easily with your website and social media strategy.

Monthly or Quarterly newsletter campaigns have proven to be effective within the healthcare industry - patients want to hear what their doctor has to say! Using this non-intrusive communication method allows you to passively reach your patients without much friction or cost.

Email Newsletter Features

Our powerful, HIPAA compliant email newsletter system includes the following standard features:

  • Custom-designed and mobile friendly templates based on your website design
  • Contact lists and segmentation
  • Deliverability using industry-standard best practices
  • A/B split testing
  • Advanced engagement reporting and analytics
  • HIPAA compliant anonymization and list encryption

More Than Just A Tool

Web Partners wants to work with you to create goals and build a strategy centered around achieving those goals. When that strategy includes email newsletters, it's also our job to help with execution. We're here to help you outline, write content, securely update your lists,segment your lists, layout content and images, and ensure proper landing pages to drive traffic back to your site. From start to finish, Web Partners is committed to ensuring your email marketing strategy is successful.