Responsive Design

One design.
Multiple devices.

Web Partners provides custom medical website design and development services from single location practices to those large enough to have offices in multiple states.

At the foundation, each custom responsive website Web Partners produces is engineered with search engine optimization in mind. It’s one of our core competencies and specifically incorporated into each site to deliver patients to your practice when they are using Google, Bing, or Yahoo to find a local health service provider. Moreover, in order to support our customers best, Web Partners pioneered a fully responsive approach to our offerings to ensure that our customers can engage their patients from any device currently available, from tablets and phones to desktops and laptops.

What is Responsive Medical Website Design? 

It’s not a ‘thing’ but more of an approach – namely, the layout of the website is strategically architected so that when a device requests the page, the site is built on the fly and is optimized to best fit the device – whatever it might be.

Responsive design practices were developed to combat an ever growing quantity of browsers and devices which new resolutions and quirks that made supporting sites with an older approach, adaptive, untenable. In essence adaptive required creating a different website version for each resolution and device.

The medical practice websites developed by Web Partners respond to the device requesting it and displays content that was specifically designed and styled to work on that screen, platform, and orientation (e.g. whether the user is holding a phone in a vertical or horizontal way).

30-40% of Your Website Traffic Is Mobile

Mobile device use, including phones and tablets, has increased dramatically over the last few years.  Most of our medical practice website customers currently count between 30 to 40% of their total website visitors as coming from a mobile device, and those numbers continue to rise.  A mobile-compatible website design and approach is needed to account for such a large and growing audience.

Today’s website designs are increasingly flexible with layouts, images, content, and styling be able to meet the growing demands of users. Google itself recommends that website designers use a responsive approach as more traffic has shifted to the mobile world.

Web Partners offers either responsive website design or mobile optimization for all digital projects, as well as standalone mobile apps.

If your organization is looking to build a new medical practice website or overhaul an existing one, contact us or fill out the form below to learn more about custom responsive web design options. We can even help you look at your analytics to determine the percentage of visitors that already access your website from specific tablets and mobile devices.