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People find your practice through a variety of ways: searches, referrals, advertising, third-party sites, and more. Your practice information is published on potentially hundreds of websites, not just your own. Is it accurate? Is it consistent? Where does that information come from? Web Partners provides a clear answer to the challenge of online location profiles.

Why Are Online Location Profiles Important?

Your practice information gets disseminated across the internet to third-party websites such as Google, Facebook, Health Grades, Rate MDs, and more. These sites get their information from various sources and databases, which rarely have the full, correct, and consistent information. You may not have had control of initially adding the information to those sites, but you can get control to ensure the information they display is correct.

If patients or prospects are finding your practice through these sites, you are potentially misleading them and losing their confidence and trust.

The Consistency Dilemma

While your patients may not be looking for your contact information on multiple sites, Google and other search engines do. If they are faced with conflicting information, they may reduce your search rank. Think of it this way - if you were faced with conflicting information, how would you know which to trust? Web Partners location profile management service distributes consistent information to hundreds of general and healthcare specific listing websites.

Types of Location Profile Data

The types of data that you can distribute using Web Partners Location Profile Management service include:

  • Name of Practice - your practice may be known by a group name, individual provider names, or both
  • Address(es)
  • Phone Number(s)
  • Website URL
  • Hours
  • Logo
  • Photos
  • Practice Specialty/Focus
  • Insurance Accepted
  • NPI
  • Provider credentials

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