Patient Reviews and Reputation Management

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Take Advantage of Medical Patient Reviews

When researching medical practices, many prospective patients first look at other patients’ reviews before making a final decision. Websites such as Health Grades, Yelp, and Rate MDs are just a few popular resources many people use to read about other patients’ experiences and level of satisfaction with a practice. Positive reviews can significantly enhance a practice’s reputation as more people than ever rely on others’ past experiences as a main resource in their decision-making process.

Web Partners provides effective medical marketing strategies for search engine optimization and reputation management that can use positive patient reviews to help your practice grow. Enthusiastic reviews can greatly impact the performance of your practice’s website and social media presence, while grabbing the attention of prospective patients. Positive patient reviews can be emphasized within your social networks to help facilitate an ongoing discussion between current patients, and engage others who are considering treatment.

In addition to helping you take advantage of positive reviews, our team at Web Partners can help you develop strategies to diminish the impact of dissatisfied reviews that may be unfairly tarnishing your practice’s reputation.

Control of Your Online Reputation

The success of any medical practice can be determined by many aspects, with word-of-mouth being an important one of them. If a patient is extremely satisfied or dissatisfied with the services they receive at a practice, they are more likely going to tell their family and friends about their experience, as well as write reviews about their experience online. The prominence of social networks also gives patients the opportunity to facilitate a discussion with others about their experience with a certain medical practice.

Our team at Web Partners has extensive experience on how to effectively manage your online reputation. We are able to keep track of your online brand and are experienced on how to handle any negative reviews or comments about your practice. A patient’s first impression of your practice is important and we will work with you to make sure your online reputation reflects positively on your practice.